Why do some people think this is cosplay/LARPing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DarkS1de, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. DarkS1de

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    I noticed a lot of people online or in person (when asked) think this is nothing but "dressing up" or role playing.
    Like I get thinking that because of the people who dress up and such but there is actual movement and knowledge that goes behind it.
    Like I consider it more of a dance-martial arts deal than anything.
  2. It is exactly the same thing as with HEMA in the beginning. People came from reenactment and trained in more or less historical outfits - and "normal" people shook their heads and called them freaks. Martial artists didn't take us serious, because of the abundance of untrained, nerdy persons doing strange things with swords.
    Now, a lightsaber is even more nerdy than a steel sword. What would you expect the general public to think?;)

    There is in fact some roleplaying involved - there is no such thing as a lightsaber in reality. So, we have to assume that the LED-saber is simulating a weapon that defies our physics - and act accordingly. We have to treat the polycabonate as being plasma. That is roleplaying, if we don't want to count hits only for their physical reality (aka stick-fighting).

    Saber Combat could be a way to get people into martial arts (and sports in general), that don't find a connection to more traditional sports. It could be a martial art - but still more of a fun thing than a method of maiming and killing an opponent.
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  3. BlitzGuard

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    People assume things. I guess that is how I look at it. They see people swinging around "fake" sabers and call them weird but it takes a lot of hard work to get good at this. They just choose to see it as a cosplay convention of nerds.
  4. DarkS1de

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    Same to say we are the odd men out for the time being. lol
    I am sure more people will come around to it and actually respect it because it isn't easy to learn!
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    Well as mentioned, it isn't a recognized sport or activity. They assume it is neither dance nor martial arts so it gets left in the middle. Baton dancing gets more appreciation. lol

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