Where do I begin!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PaintItBlck, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. PaintItBlck

    PaintItBlck New Member

    As I mentioned in my intro thread, I am a complete noob. I want to start so I guess the first thing to do would be to get a lightsaber right?
    Or should I look for classes first? I don't know if they provide them or anything.
  2. bK4n3

    bK4n3 Member

    I think you should get a saber first. You want to get the feel of one. You can get a cheaper model online then watch other people doing different things with them. Once you feel comfortable enough to hold one and "wield" it, then look for working with others in classes.
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  3. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    I know it sounds a bit odd but you won't learn anything until you can physically hold a saber so I agree 100%. You may not even like it but it is better to find that out before you pay for a class.
  4. Dw3ller

    Dw3ller New Member

    I was going to ask the same question but I already signed up for classes and have my own sabers so I am all set. haha I still need to learn how the actual process takes place.
  5. It depends. I know some HEMA-trainers that don't give their students a sword for half a year. Stance, footwork, distance - they can be trained without a weapon in hand.
    And when I look at lightsaber-duels, those are the things that are most seriously lacking in many.
    I personally think, even if the weapon is almost useless to the new student, at least he/she gets used to the weight.
  6. Dw3ller

    Dw3ller New Member

    This is true as well. I know the first I think 2 weeks we wont be using them at all so that is 4 hours worth of training without even using one. I guess it depends on who trains you.
  7. JediBeth

    JediBeth Member

    I would start where you feel best. Some people jump right in and buy all kinds of gear with a saber then see what they can do on their own, others will find a class first. I mean if you can find a club that offers the use of sabers in class you can wait to get your own.
  8. PaintItBlck

    PaintItBlck New Member

    Wow I had no idea!! I mean I know there was a lot to learn but I didn't know it depending on what you actually took.
    I feel like I will need to get used to holding it. I mean how can I learn to properly stand without it in my hands? lol

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