What martial art styles do you use for your lightsaber sparring?

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    Do you spar with your lightsaber? If yes, please tell us what your martial art background is and which elements of these arts you have adopted for your lightsaber dueling.
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    I took up a few classes in medieval sword-fighting. I am really fascinated by that time period and wanted to learn as much as I could about sword-fighting. Doing it with a lightsaber is really novel and a cool idea. Can`t wait to learn more here.
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  3. It depends on the form. ;)

    Shii-Cho: based on the teachings of Fiore deiLiberi, Pietro Monte and some techniques of the Bolognese Tradition and hispanic arts of fighting with the two-handed sword.
    Makashi: based on military epée and sabre-fencing of the 19th century. The forms of canefencing, which were derived from this, are also a main influence.
    Soresu: based on certain Italian forms of stickfighting (shepherds-staff, mostly).
    Ataru: based on French Canne de Cômbat techniques (including the Batôn, the two-handed staff).

    I think, Niman will be based on Bolognese techniques, mostly, especially the dual-wield part. I'm not sure about Shien, though.
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    Wow, really good comparison of traditional Star Wars forms and real life combat styles. Thanks for sharing this.

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