What items should I buy?

Discussion in 'Lightsaber Sparring / Dueling' started by Bane0fShards, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Bane0fShards

    Bane0fShards New Member

    Aside from the obvious one, being a light saber...
    What items should I buy? Do I need padding and armor, special clothing, gloves, ect? Or is just a saber enough? I have seen it done both ways online so I was not sure.
  2. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    Padding and all of that is options but I recommend at the very least investing in some gloves. Nothing hurts quite like begging your fingers wacked by a saber. It. Seriously. HURTS.
    If you want to get into character and dress for it, you can. A lot of people do. I have a suit myself but I only wear it on special occasions, not for learning or play/practice.
  3. JediBeth

    JediBeth Member

    ^^ I agree, at the very least do gloves. I wear a bit more padding now than I used to. Like forearm and leg/knee padding. Nothing bulky but I just would rather be safe than sorry.
  4. DarkMinx34

    DarkMinx34 Member

    I would say gloves too but good shoes as well. I have tried different shoes and ended up having to buy some news ones cause I couldn't keep up. My feet were killing me after each session. I ended up getting some Etnies which are skateboarder shoes but they work. They have good grip, they are padded, and I swear they are like wearing slippers from being so light.
  5. If you want to do sparring, get decent gloves,a fencing mask and a cup. That's sufficent for light to medium sparring.
    As your skills grow, you can add torso- and maybe leg-protection.
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  6. CrimZENhalo

    CrimZENhalo New Member

    I know I am new here but I was going to say GET A CUP! Man I been hit ever so slightly by my nephew with a toy lightsaber and that is not a pleasant feeling at all.
  7. PaintItBlck

    PaintItBlck New Member

    Basic padding or armor. You don't need anything fancy. Unless you plan on free-styling with someone, keep it simple.
    The more you advance, the more padding and armor you should wear though cause some of these moves/tricks get tough.

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