Ultrasabers Dark Sentinel LE v4 Reviews

Discussion in 'Lightsaber Reviews' started by CareyMartell, Jan 31, 2016.

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    This is a review for Ultrasabers' Dark Sentinel LE v4 (without windows). I received this as part of a Grab bag purchase and the color was selected randomly -- I received a green LED. The blade is midgrade.


    I ordered this lightsaber product a few months ago, and it's endured quite well in sparring sessions. There does seem to be a minor issue with the battery pack sliding up and down inside the hilt during swings, but it doesn't impact the function of the saber and can be addressed by stuffing something into the hilt to limit its movement.

    I am pretty happy with the purchase, although I do have a comment about grip comfort. Due to the size of the emitter and that it is raised up on the hilt, it feels a little funky when holding the saber and makes it a little awkward to do spins with as compared to other models such as the Dominix LE v4 which I consider to have a perfect emitter for gripping and spinning. Having said that, the awkwardness can be overcome with a little practice, but it surely takes some getting used to.
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    This seems to be a really good product. While I have to purchase my first lightsaber, myself, I am always on the lookout for reviews and recommendations.
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