Ultrasabers Apprentice LE v4 Lightsaber

Discussion in 'Lightsaber Reviews' started by CareyMartell, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. CareyMartell

    CareyMartell Administrator Staff Member

    This is a review for Ultrasabers' Apprentice LE v4 model lightsaber, which is ideal for dual wielding or for children . I received this as part of a Grab bag purchase and the color was selected randomly -- I received a green LED. The blade is midgrade.


    On the Ultrasabers website the Apprentice LE v4 is depicted with gold trim; this grab bag model is unpainted and therefore purely chrome. I think that is fine as it does not impact its practicality.

    The blade I selected for this one is a 24" grab bag blade. The blade arrived with a few scratches but nothing noteworthy, and as you can see in the photo the blade is very bright while illuminated.

    The hilt feels very natural in the hands when twirling and performing strikes. I feel like this saber is great for children starting out, but for adults it can be awkward to perform techniques using a two-handed grip as the hilt is shorter than a full size hilt. But as a secondary blade for dual wielding, this hilt works great.
  2. Chris_A

    Chris_A Member

    Looks like a good saber to practice dual wielding for beginners. Does it come in different colors as well?
  3. CareyMartell

    CareyMartell Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, the blade can be different colors. You can select the color when ordering, or let it be decided randomly as I did.
  4. I've received the same model as a grab bag - but with Adegan silver LED and color discs. I've ordered a Lee-Filters samples chart, and now I'm playing around with different blade-colours. :)
    I love the hilt, it's wonderful for one-handed fencing (Makashi).
  5. FrankZ78

    FrankZ78 Member

    That looks absolutely beautiful. I love the high finish on it. How much do these normally cost? I would love to get one in blue.
  6. CareyMartell

    CareyMartell Administrator Staff Member

    They cost less than $100, depending on the shipping.

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