Street Battle!

Discussion in 'Lightsaber Sparring / Dueling' started by CrimZENhalo, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. CrimZENhalo

    CrimZENhalo New Member

    This is a year old but I only just now seen it. I think this is some pretty cool stuff. I mean if a couple of dudes did this in the street and I happened to be walking by, I would be so excited lol I just love performance arts which I think is partially why I am getting into lightsaber dueling in general.

  2. bK4n3

    bK4n3 Member

    I'd probably react the same way to be honest. I mean I love seeing this kind of stuff, scripted/planned or not. I seen if happen quite a bit when I was in Chicago a few years ago for a comic convention.
    Truly good times and fun memories. I have a group of 5 guys going this all at once on video somewhere. I wish I had uploaded it.
  3. PaintItBlck

    PaintItBlck New Member

    Same here. I mean I love seeing anything like this happen in real life, even if it is not related to star wars. I just like "nerdy" reenacting.
  4. DarkS1de

    DarkS1de Member

    We are going to have some festival here this October that is Star Wars themed and I am hoping to make it. It is like a local event. They are celebrating Star Wars as well as other very popular sci-fi movies/books.
    They will likely have things like this going on at night. I am super excited to see it!

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