Someone said my shoes matter, do they?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DarkMinx34, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. DarkMinx34

    DarkMinx34 Member

    I was told by someone in class that I am better off wearing high top sneakers so I don't accidentally twist my ankles. He also said basketball shoes are best. I never heard anyone say this before so I am going to ask on here. What do you guys think?
  2. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    It is more of a preference. I have heard people say the same thing. The idea is just to use shoes that move best with you and feel most comfortable.
    Obviously sports shoes are a good option because they were design for just that.
  3. JediBeth

    JediBeth Member

    I don't think it matters much at all. Just use what you feel more comfortable in. I wear either my skater shoes or my boots (combat boots).
  4. FangArt3

    FangArt3 Member

    Not all sports shoes would be good though. I know a lot of them that are made for specific movement, not so much freestyle movements.
  5. DarkS1de

    DarkS1de Member

    I would say they "can" matter but for most people, I don't think it does. You obviously don't want to wear shoes you have a hard time walking in though, but that is a given.
  6. PaintItBlck

    PaintItBlck New Member

    I wouldn't of thought to ask this but when I seen the thread I wondered the same thing! lol
    I never heard anyone say it in videos on online anywhere so I would imagine it doesn't.
  7. bK4n3

    bK4n3 Member

    If you join a club, some may recommend you wearing a certain type of shoes for safety reasons, or at the very least, tell you not to wear the obvious ones (heavy boots, heels, platforms, ect)
  8. Shoes are defined by the footwork you use - your footwork is defined by the shoes you wear. ;)
    In most martial arts, flat-soled shoes are recommended. They should provide some friction but not so much as to leave your feet glued in place.
    The faster your footwork gets, the lighter the shoes you will want.
  9. DarkMinx34

    DarkMinx34 Member

    This is true. I wouldn't want to wear something I would have trouble moving around in.
  10. DarkMinx34

    DarkMinx34 Member

    Ha! Nice! I didn't even think of it that way. I guess light shoes will be an option I will want in the future. Makes sense to work up to them first :)
  11. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    Yeah I think the point it to find what you like the most and not worry too much about it. You will want light shoes that you can move around in and be on your feet in for a few hours with no issues.
  12. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    Well yeah you don't want to wear football cleats or something LOL I think common sense would help you determine that some of them just wouldn't work haha
  13. Dw3ller

    Dw3ller New Member

    I hope shoes don't matter too much. I mostly just wear some Adidas shoes. Just basic ones I am sure you all have seen them. I own like 7 pairs of those haha I would not be used to wearing anything else.
  14. FangArt3

    FangArt3 Member

    I think for anyone wondering, just what what you can run up and down in stairs in comfortably and you will be fine. Light shoes are great but some people are more balanced with a bit of weight to them.
  15. Bane0fShards

    Bane0fShards New Member

    From my understanding you can wear anything you can comfortably skip in. As far as protection, I am not sure who would need their feet to be protected but maybe knees should be covered at least.
    I have seen some videos of people messing around online and they take some heavy shots by the knees and below the belt.

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