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    Please ensure you follow the forum rules when writing your product reviews.

    These special rules apply to all product reviews posted to the Saber Arts forum.

    1. All reviews must be accompanied by a photo of the product. Furthermore the photo should be taken by YOU and not ripped from elsewhere on the internet. This is supposed to be a product you own so it shouldn't be too challenging to take a photo of the product you have received.

    2. Any accusations of defects in the product must be supported by evidence. Don't just say something is crap, prove it through use of photos and writing a well reasoned argument.

    3. Do not engage in fanboyism.
    We realize there is a tendency for "saber maker wars" to start in threads, and other saber related forums have sought to diminish this by banning the mention about certain manufacturers. At Saber Arts we want to talk about all saber products because we're focused on trying to find the right gear for sparring and competition. But if you write a product review for the sole purpose of bashing a saber manufacturer and suggesting people instead purchase from a competitor, you're very likely engaging in fanboyism and we're not going to tolerate that here.

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