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Discussion in 'Lightsaber Sparring / Dueling' started by FrankZ78, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. FrankZ78

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    Are they worth looking into?

    I have done a few searches and have seen some free and paid but I am not sure how much I could possibly learn from just watching videos.
  2. It depends on two things: First, what you actually want to learn and second, how's your situation in regards to training.
    If you just want to do choreography - no problem. If you want to learn to handle a saber in dueling, it will work but takes effort.
    That's where the second thing comes in - do you have space to train in, a regular partner? Do you have experience with martial arts in general? How's your genereal health?
    And of course: How hard are you willing to train?

    A video provides you with a teacher, who just cannot correct your mistakes.

    That's why my videos have a rather long instructional intro, where I try to provide some information on which the technical part is based. In some cases I do screen-in-screen, so you can look at the techniques from different angles- and I always show them in normal speed and slow-motion.
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  3. BlitzGuard

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    Videos are great but can only take you so far. I mean if you want to find someone who can train you on skype that is different but just watching videos, I can't see it giving you what face to face training can. I have tried myself.
  4. Or it can - if the teacher in the video is better than the one you face. ;)
    It all depends on the teacher and - most of all - his/her ability to teach. There are a lot more bad teachers in martial arts than good ones.

    Sabercombat is rather new, most of the videos on YT coming from the choreography-era. So, you have teachers who are really good at stage-fights but don't have a clue on actual dueling, teaching their old interpretations in a new context.

    But the whole thing will develop, I think. Evolution will take care of things Sabercombat.:D
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  5. bK4n3

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    It depends on you, the teacher, the style of which you want to learn. I have learned a lot from watching videos so I can't see the hurt in trying but I wouldn't pay for anything. I am also cheap. So there is that...
  6. FrankZ78

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    Yeah that is what worried me. If I don't have someone working with me hands on, there is a good chance I will make mistakes and then take them with in in real life sparring events... hurting myself or someone else. I don't want that to happen.
  7. FrankZ78

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    LOL Heffercan

    And yeah I don't think I would ever pay for lessons like this. I mean when you think about it, it is kind of silly. I was considering it a few days ago but not anymore.
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  8. DarkS1de

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    Yes they are worth looking into.
    No they are not worth buying.

    As mentioned, you can learn a lot but nothing will compare to the real life training and interactions with a trainer in person.
  9. bK4n3

    bK4n3 Member

    Yeah there are certain things I can see people paying for online as far as lessons go like maybe dog training or learning how to draw/paint but not something like this!
  10. Shad0w

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    Online options are great for what they are. You can't expect to become a pro by watching videos though. You are better off getting in class lessons.

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