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  1. JediBeth

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    These are 4 of the top rated Academies in America so I thought they were worth sharing...

    LudoSport Lightsaber Combat Academy

    Golden Gate Knights

    New York Jedi

    Terra Prime Lightsaber Academy

  2. FangArt3

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    These look amazing! I had no idea there was a big one like that in New York.
    I will have to google these places and look at their sites!!!
  3. The problem with most of those "systems" is IMHO - they are aimed at choreography. It's perfectly cool using a Wushu or Kenjutsu form to handle a lightsaber, if all you want to do is perform a stage-fight. But if you want to actually duel, you will quickly see, that all of those arts don't do any sparring anymore.
    Wushu is a conglomerate of ancient styles, forms of different schools put together mixed with acrobatics. Kenjutsu was in decline since 1600 and every ryû-ha has its own set of katas, that are not necessarily practical. So any style derived from them will also inherit these flaws.

    Ludosport has the practical approach, but frankly said - that's McDojo to me. Overpriced, corporate design, selling not only courses but grades, clothes and weapons. But they are good at selling their brand. ;)
    Some of their sparring-fights look really good, some don't.

    It all depends on what you want.
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  4. JediBeth

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    You have made some very good points here. I appreciate that. I never thought of it to be more dance related but now that I read this and looked back on the videos, I see what you mean.
    I will be reading up on what you mentioned. It seems a lot of classes out there don't offer any real saber sparring :confused:
  5. FangArt3

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    Well that force just hit me below the belt. I didn't realize this either. uggggggg lol
  6. It's funny how much Sabercombat and HEMA have in common when it comes to evolution. :D The first people using swords were doing staged fights at renaissance faires.
    But stage-fight is an art in itself. I'm totally respecting those people - as I'm respecting any practioner of Wushu or any other of those arts.

    But, fact is: fighting an opponent who wants to hit you is a totally different matter. You have to work with distance, timing, feints, etc. Turning your back towards your opponent will get you a hit in the back 9 out of 10 times. ;)
    But Lightsabercombat is as much about action as it is about fighting, so we have to make some compromises there, I believe. :cool:
  7. BlitzGuard

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    These look amazing to me. I mean I get that there is a difference but training here (one of these kinds of places) would still help either or.
  8. PaintItBlck

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    I am down for this or real sparring really. Both look fascinating and extremely rewarding to do! One is even close by!

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