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Discussion in 'Physical Training, Diet, and Health Tips' started by bK4n3, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. bK4n3

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    I normally don't play a lot of games off the PC but since my niece was staying with my wife and I, I decided to pick up a few kinect games for my Xbox 360. One of the ones I got was the Adventures game which was only $5. Me, my wife, and her have been playing it all last week and into this week. I must admit, my balance has greatly improved. I just wanted to share. I am no spring chicken but I feel stronger and more flexible in the legs. May help with saber training.
  2. Dw3ller

    Dw3ller New Member

    I remember I played around with this game when it first came out and it does give you a nice workout. You don't even feel like you are wasting time or the time is standing still. I think it works better than Wii Fit as well.
  3. JediBeth

    JediBeth Member

    I never thought to use this for training! I am going to have to dig mine out and try it! I know I have the first and second adventure game. I think the second one might of been a Disney adventure game, I am not sure.
  4. darkhorrizen

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    My friend actually lost a lot of weight doing this like 4 years ago. He was 12 at the time and very overweight. The doctor recommended doing something about it so his older brother let him use his xbox. He was like 230 pounds or around that and after a year of playing this game 4 times a week, he got down to 175. He cut back a little bit on eating but he didn't change his diet completely. He has since gotten down to 145 which is ideal for his height. He is about 5'8.
  5. PaintItBlck

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    That is amazing! I never considered using a game to get in to shape lol Gaming has come a long, long way haha
  6. darkhorrizen

    darkhorrizen New Member

    It sure has! I am just glad to see people recognizing that not all gaming has to do with overweight and lazy people. I have seen some people who game on a regular basis with 6 packs.

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