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  1. Bane0fShards

    Bane0fShards New Member

    I am new here. My name is James but everyone just calls me Bane. I am a life long Star Wars fan as well as a computer junkie. I may be one of the older guys on the forum. I genuinely want to get involved in light saber dueling and sparring. I have no experience with it other than watching a few videos and hearing a friend I talk to on WoW tell me about it. So yeah, I am a bit of a noob here.
  2. BlitzGuard

    BlitzGuard Member

    Hey there and welcome. I joined back in March this year so I am new too so don't feel too bad about it haha We were all noobs at some point ;)
  3. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    Welcome Bane! Computer junkie you say? I have a friend who is into that stuff. You build your own PC and things like that?
  4. DarkMinx34

    DarkMinx34 Member

    Hey there! I joined back in June myself. I am still new here but had already been taking lessons prior to joining. Dude, if you want to do it, just do it! I have had a blast thus far. Don't let anything keep you from it! :)
  5. bK4n3

    bK4n3 Member

    Welcome James aka Bane! I hope you enjoy it here and learn a lot. This is a smaller community but there are more and more members joining. Cool name btw ;)
  6. DarkS1de

    DarkS1de Member

    You have to start somewhere, am I right!? Welcome Bane! Nothing wrong with being new to something, it is all part of learning.

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