How long were classes for you?

Discussion in 'Saber Club Discussions' started by Dw3ller, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Dw3ller

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    Or how long are they assuming you are still in a club? The one I signed up for is 6 weeks and training is 2 days a week. It wasn't cheap but there is options to go through and learn more beyond this. I am not sure if this kind of stuff is learned like karate or what. lol
  2. PaintItBlck

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    I am going to sign up for a class that runs along side some other martial arts classes and it is progressively trained. I will actually be learning some martial arts, like an introduction to it, because even learning the lightsaber stuff.
    I think it depends on where you go. I am still new to this like you so I am trying to figure out what is best for me and how I learn things.
  3. It depends on the audience. When I teach HEMA, I'm running classes of 2 hours. With lightsaber, I'd do the same - but only for adults. Children can't cope with that length usually, so I would cut down to 1 hour.

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