How long has saber arts been around?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by darkhorrizen, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. darkhorrizen

    darkhorrizen New Member

    I don't mean the forum but the general sport of it? I have only just heard of it recently but there seems to be a lot of information and sites for it online. I don't know if this is still new or what. I am glad I discovered it though. I am hoping to get into it in the next few weeks. I have to find somewhere to get training and buy a saber.
  2. FangArt3

    FangArt3 Member

    I don't know exactly but if I had to take a guess, I would say since the 90's but just not in the US as much as it is now. Japan and places that dive head first into pop culture usually have things like this become popular long before we have it.
  3. Bane0fShards

    Bane0fShards New Member

    I am not sure there will be a true or solid answer to this until there is an established sport title for it. Like different categories of Martial Arts and the like.
  4. BlitzGuard

    BlitzGuard Member

    I think this is the case with a lot of things like this as well. I mean things like this surely had to have started around the time the movies started coming out in the last 70's I would imagine.
  5. DarkMinx34

    DarkMinx34 Member

    I'd bet before this. As mentioned Star Wars has been around since the 70's... You mean to tell me it took people 12+ years to think of this!? Pfff haha
  6. CrimZENhalo

    CrimZENhalo New Member

    I am not sure. I tried to find some information on when it got started and can't. I guess cause it is not a registered or recognized "sport" maybe?
  7. PaintItBlck

    PaintItBlck New Member

    Same here. I can't find anything unless it is under a specific name. I am still too much of a noob to know any better LOL
  8. JediBeth

    JediBeth Member

    The way I look at it is, it has been around for as long as I have been into it lol
    If I never heard of it before, it is new to me! I know this isn't helpful but as mentioned, I don't think we will be able to find one true answer.
  9. darkhorrizen

    darkhorrizen New Member

    Ahh okay thanks everyone. I thought maybe I was missing it somewhere. I googled everything I could think of and I have not found any established date or year when it started.
  10. FangArt3

    FangArt3 Member

    Well I don't know! I am not historian expert on these things! :confused:
    Just saying that was my guess. I mean I am sure there were people doing this since the first movie but not in clubs/classes or anything.

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