How do I go about selling?

Discussion in 'Selling' started by DarkS1de, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. DarkS1de

    DarkS1de Member

    I am going to be upgrading but would love to sell my old saber to someone just starting out.
    I will have to get pictures but I don't want to ship it... it would likely cost a lot, even if I took it apart.

    How do I go about selling locally?
  2. FangArt3

    FangArt3 Member

    I would guess you would want to try local online places. Do craigslist for starts or do a eBay listing that says "PICK UP ONLY"
  3. DarkS1de

    DarkS1de Member

    Didn't think to do eBay. I have seen them kinds of listings in the past. I will look into that. Probably be safer than Craigslist
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  4. CareyMartell

    CareyMartell Administrator Staff Member

    By all means, feel free to post any eBay or Craigslist ads as a new thread here to help build awareness of the listing.

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