How can I make better food choices?

Discussion in 'Physical Training, Diet, and Health Tips' started by JediBeth, Aug 10, 2016.

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    I seem to be eating a lot of junk and I noticed I have gained a bit of weight. Nothing major but all my pants are tight now. Not cool man! I have been working with sparring and walking my dog but still, my weight must have went up like 8 to 10 pounds. I am not sure what to do. I am moving enough...

    So that leads me to believe it is my eating habits. How can I make better food choices?
  2. Use a food-logger. I started using one 2 years ago now and I still do. When you see WHAT you are actually putting into your body, you can start to change it. But you have to be strict about it - note all the soft-drinks, sweets, etc. you eat.
  3. BlitzGuard

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    I used an app to count calories for a week. Someone told me to do this. It helped me to see where most of my calories were coming from. It was mainly drinks.
    I cut back big time on soda, juices, ect. and lost like 8 pounds in a littler over a month. I didn't change anything else.
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    Do what I did a few years back and slowly cut back on junk. Limit it for starts. Like if you enjoy cookies, limit yourself to 4 a day. Since you wont be eating, say 10, you will have less calories from that.
    Eventually the foods you take out will be replaced by healthier options because you will be hungry and have to eat. Try eating a small salad before dinner as well.

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