How can I enjoy video games but move more?

Discussion in 'Physical Training, Diet, and Health Tips' started by Bane0fShards, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Bane0fShards

    Bane0fShards New Member

    I play a lot of PC games so I sit for many hours everyday. I still want to enjoy playing them but want to actually force myself to move more.
    Any ideas on what I can do to help this? I know going into saber arts right now would not be a good idea. I am too out of shape and pushing 40.
  2. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    Have you considered using a stability ball? A friend of mine is using one to fix his posture (plays games all day as well) and he actually lost like 13 pounds in the last 2 months and changed nothing so he gave props to the ball. I read online that it stimulate your core and muscles but so slightly, you do not notice you are getting a work out.
  3. bK4n3

    bK4n3 Member

    I guess just make frequent trips standing and walking. Like keep your phone, food, and drinks away from you and force yourself to have to stand up and walk every 20 or so minutes.
  4. DarkS1de

    DarkS1de Member

    This for real? I actually have considered this for lower back pains and I did read about it last year. I might have to get one of these balls. What are they like $20 online or something?
  5. Shad0w

    Shad0w Member

    You can get one on Amazon for around $10 actually. You want to make sure you get the right one for your height as well since it will be used as a chair. And yeah, it is for real.
    I used to go to a chiropractor and he recommends this to a lot of his patients as well.
  6. aeytovareschLiemo

    aeytovareschLiemo New Member

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