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Discussion in 'Saber Building' started by JediBeth, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. JediBeth

    JediBeth Member

    Now I thought this was cool! A very simple idea that is cheap and easy to make.
    This would be a great saber for a beginner or just a beat around training one.

    Wanna try to build it??

    Part List:
    - 1 1/4” Plastic Pop-up sink drain assembly ~7$
    - At least 36” of 1/2” PVC pipe ~3$
    - 1/2” coupling (optional but gives a snug fit for the blade into the hilt) ~30cents
    - Friction tape or hockey tape ~3$
    - Electrical tape ~2$
    - Epoxy ~5$
    - #10-24 x 2” machine screw ~1$
    - 1/4” flat washers x 2 ~1$
    - #10-24 cap nut ~1$

    - Dremel rotary tool or power drill with a sanding drum and a 1/8” drill bit
    - Sharpie or other marker
    - Scissors
  2. FangArt3

    FangArt3 Member

    A lightsaber for under $25! That is a good deal and it looks very nice. I may have to give this a shot.
    Thanks for posting the list of things to buy. I honestly can't walk into a hardware store and know what I am saying/doing. lol

    You going to try to make one?
  3. FrankZ78

    FrankZ78 Member

    That is really cool! I may have to give this a try for myself. Looks easy enough though I have no creative skill whats so ever haha
  4. FangArt3

    FangArt3 Member

    I went and got some of the stuff. I have almost everything on the list but I guess my power drill crapped out on me because it don't turn on anymore.
    I will be buying a new one this weekend or stealing my dad's...

  5. FrankZ78

    FrankZ78 Member

    I can't be bothered to buy my own tools. I can just go to my brother's, parent's or my friend's and use their tools anytime. They all made a deal with me though that I have to help "fix" things in return. I have just made sure I have done such a bad job the first few times they never asked again. lol
  6. BlitzGuard

    BlitzGuard Member

    Really neat find. He actually does a good job in the video as well. If I do this, I will share my pics soon!

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