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    Before I start, I just wanna let u guys know that I won’t mention my real name u know, for PRIVICY ISSUES. Anyway, I’d like to say that I’ve jus t recently purchased an stunt Saber from ultrasabers and iam still waiting for it. Most of my friends were having fun dueling wi th em so, when one of them invited me to watch him spar with another friend of mine, I was like,”sure why not?” After watching him, I knew I had to get my hand on one of those sabers. I started off first by gripping a stick. What surprised me was tha t I preferred to grip the ‘hilt’ of the Saber invertedly instead of the classical style what surprised me even more was that I liked to use it that way. Anyway, I’m excited to receive my stunt Saber. Thanks for reading this. And if you didn’t, thanks anyway.
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