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  1. Hi all,

    my real name is Alex, and I'm from Vienna, Austria (yes, the small country in the heart of Europe, home of the Sängerknaben, Wiener Schnitzel and the Opernball :D), so you'll have to forgive me shredding the English language.

    I've a over 30 years background in martial arts in general, starting with Jûdô and Karate, going through Ninjutsu and ending up in HEMA, where I seem to have found my home at last. For over 10 years I've been researching, practicing and teaching Bolognese fencing, having published two books in German by now (the third's awaiting the last photographs), regularly giving workshops at events in Europe. I'm also doing 19th century sabre and epée, Scherma di Bastone (stickfencing) and some rapier.

    At the moment, I'm working on the crazy idea of starting the SaberAcademy Vienna. :eek: It's all my girlfriends fault - she wanted one of those cheap Ultimate FX sabres, and one is just no fun ... A month later we ordered Ultrasabers ... :cool:

    I've already established a concept for Form I - III, based on european martial arts, which I'm now refining into something teachble. ;)

    Though my primary interest is steel, the lightsaber is real fun and for a change I don't have to be 'deadly' every time I fight, but can be as flashy as I want. :D
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    That sounds awesome, Alex! Welcome to the forum!

    Are your books available on Amazon?
  3. Hi Carey, thanks for the welcome.
    Yes, the books are available on Amazon. Just look for "Das Einzelschwert" and "Die Schutzwaffen" (the first deals with the single sword, the second one with defensive secondary weapons like the various shields) - if you can read German, that is. ;)

    I've read you book, btw - got me laughing initially to read of ol' Fiore in a Lightsaber-book. :) But it's a refreshing change to all the asian stuff. I like it! :cool:
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    I do not speak German but I am fairly adapt at using translation software. I will have to look into your book and check it out!
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