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  1. After about 3 months of dueling I see a rather big problem: hitting the hands.
    No, this is not about gloves or protection of the fingers, this is about the simple fact, that one cannot really do anything about those grazing hits on the fingers and back of the hand.
    With a sword, the crossguard protects me from most of those hits, with a stick, they are not really a problem (stings but doesn't really harm).

    But now consider the nature of a Lightsaber - there would be burnt fingers or fingers flying all around.

    So, how do you handle this? For now I've decided to simply ignore those grazes and go with the canonic explanation of a 'Force-field' around the hands and handle. It's a bit unsatisfying from a martial artists PoV, but if the exchange stops because of those grazes, there's almost no good exchange left.
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    This is definitely an area to think about for competitions. You don't want to create a training environment where people don't consider protection to their hands when they strike.

    I think if a strike to the hand is intentional and clean, it should count toward a point but not be worth as many points as a clean blow to the body. If the strike to the hands was clearly accidental, it shouldn't count. This is where judge decisions have to come into play.

    If you just completely invalid any strikes to the hands, it will lead to a situation like with Olympic fencing where it loses any level of combat simulation, and becomes a ritualized game of poking with a long stick.
  3. I judge the hand like in HEMA: A combat-ending hit is one, that has the potential to take off the hand. This implies hitting at the wrist or lower arm, not the fingers. That is not the problem.
    The problem are those grazing touches one could ignore even with a blade (adrenaline works wonders ...), but would have significantly different impact with a blade of pure plasma.

    So, fighting with a Lightsaber to me is as much show as it is efficiency, which implies longer exchanges. But if we break at every small grazing, those simply will not come to be.
    Luxury-problems ... :cool:
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    I actually noticed a lot of hand hitting while watching videos but most do wear gloves or some form of protection, I would imagine this is to prevent possible injuries.
  5. Basically, a saber is nothing more than a stick - so it's absolutely possible to break fingers with it. If you're actually trying to hit your opponent, gloves are a must, especially for beginners. It is possible to forego all protection in a controlled duel, but I wouldn't recommend this if you cannot stop a hit midswing.

    The "problem" is, even when parrying, there are grazing hits to the hands that would mean serious injury with a plasma-blade.
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    I got hit in the hand quite a few times and have also hit others lol! I am still learning though. It is bound to happen.

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