Emerald Sabers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chris_A, Feb 2, 2016.

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    Emerald refers to the brand of LED driver that Ultrasaber uses in their sabers. There is software that goes along with it, allowing the sound and light effects to be customized.
  3. Chris_A

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    Ow, nice. So you can customize the color and the sound as well? Might warrant that price then, I think.
  4. DarkS1de

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    That is an amazing saber! The one I been using doesn't even light up!
  5. You can customize the sound already with the Obsidian v4 soundboard - Emerald gives you the additional benefit to change the colour of the LED, pulse, Flash on Clash, etc. (all things light).
    Couldn't get myself to pay that price - Obsidian v4 is very nice but just for colours I have an Adegan Silver LED and use Lee filters.
  6. FangArt3

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    I hate the sound ones myself. I am not sure why. I don't mind the light and lighting effects but having sound going at all times would drive me nuts.
  7. You can put a "Silent" Soundfont on the Board - if you don't want it, just activate this and you've got a stuntsaber.
    I do like the sounds, though - it's funny but they actually help me with hits. Sometimes a hit is so fast and located on a well protected zone, that the sound is the only thing to go for. A thing a really miss with steel sometimes - thick padding on the torso is good but sometimes one just doesn't feel a hit that would cut clean through flesh and bone ...
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    I agree with this! I have used three different types myself... Practice sabers (no light or anything fancy, just weight), lighted ones, and the professional ones with sound. The sound ones are amazing when learning, they actually help a lot!
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    I really didn't think there were actually this many types until I started researching. I am now even more shocked that people in my area KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS!!!
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    Yeah there are even ones that detach and become two separate sabers. I would love to get one of those. ;)
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    Those do look nice but seems to be a lot more when you want a higher end model! :(

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