Dual Saber Choreography

Discussion in 'Lightsaber Choreography' started by Shad0w, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Shad0w

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    This is something I have been meaning to try but I feel like I am not at that level yet.
    I am able to control my right hand good but my left still has issues with swings and such.
    Does or has anyone done dual saber dueling/choreography?

  2. Dual Saber (same length) Form IV:

    Dual Saber (long+short) - the first fight:

    That's both me, wielding two.;) No choreography, just light sparring.
  3. DarkMinx34

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    WOW! You are really good! :)

    I tried this a few times and ended up injuring myself and my friend. I need yo get better with my left hand, arm, and just side in general. I carry my weight to my right side as well which don't help.

    How do you learn to do this without choreography?
  4. Thx. :oops:
    First thing to say is: I'm into martial arts for over 30 years now. Over 10 years I'm doing (and teaching) Bolognese Swordsmanship, a HEMA-style. We practice Double Sword and Sword & Dagger among a lot of other combinations. For Sabercombat I'm mixing this with moves from Canne de Combat, which has also a double-stick form.

    For dual wielding, you need a firm grounding in body posture, footwork and single blade. Change your weapons hand often in practice, and it will be significantly easier to begin dual-wielding.
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  5. CrimZENhalo

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    You are good man, well done! I am starting to see why having a background in martial arts pays off with something like this. My brother knows a bit and I bet he would pick up on this a lot faster than me.
    But as for the OP... I never tried it but I really want to!
  6. Dual-wielding can be incredibly helpful when fighting against two opponents ... at least when they are civil enough to not ccordinate their attacks too much. :D My girl deemed it not fair that I should use two blades against one - so she jumped in the fray ...
    Starting a 6:18
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    That is awesome you have a partner who takes part in it with you as well. I hope to get good at it some day. I would love to take on two people at once. I seen it done in the movies as well as videos on Youtube.
    I feel like this is something that once you get good at, you just look like a complete bada$$ doing it!

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