Are there any Facebook clubs?

Discussion in 'Saber Club Discussions' started by darkhorrizen, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. darkhorrizen

    darkhorrizen New Member

    I am curious because I don't have anyone I know around here who is into this kind of stuff. I have a friend who does go to comic conventions and things of that nature with me but he doesn't dress up or nothing like that so I know he will not be open to sparring with me. lol

    Are there any clubs on Facebook or somewhere else online where I can find people in my area that are closer to my age?
  2. Bane0fShards

    Bane0fShards New Member

    I am sure there is. I haven't honestly looked though. I am looking for something that is in my area if I can otherwise, I will have to learn online and just take a long VK and travel somewhere for lessons.
  3. DarkMinx34

    DarkMinx34 Member

    Oh yes, TONS. Just look for local ones in your area. It is kind of hard to find legit clubs with all the fan pages but they are out there. I have seen some new ones popping up within a few hours of me just this last month.
  4. Darth Saevus

    Darth Saevus New Member

    I am co-founder of the Knights of retribution in germany. You can find us on facebook. For now we are not international yet and we are not many yet, because we only accept Sith. But you can watch for our Site

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